Chris Dailey

A graduate of Indiana schools — K-12, College and Law School, Christopher Dailey is a life long resident of Indiana and was raised in Terre Haute during his formative years. He has practiced regionally for nearly twenty-five (25) years and enjoyed an excellent reputation as an experienced, skilled and effective advocate for his clients by meeting their needs and addressing their concerns. This reputation of success has led to countless referrals from former clients as well as other attorneys, not only from West Central Indiana but also from across the State of Indiana.

Chris believes that the most effective approach to legal representation is marked by a well defined purpose, pursued with fortitude and tempered with integrity and respect for the dignity of his client, his client’s support system, opposing lawyers and the Courts.

He is engaged in a general civil and criminal law practice providing effective legal representation with a focus on conflict analysis and resolution; domestic relations, juvenile law and family law matters including custody, divorce, visitation, child support, child advocacy, guardianship, paternity, adoption and grandparent rights.