August 17, 2013

Dailey announces candidacy for Judge, Vigo Superior Court 2

Chris Dailey has announced his candidacy for Judge of the Vigo Superior Court, Division 2. The Division 2 judgeship, currently held by Phillip Adler who has indicated he will not be seeking another term, is up for election in 2014. Under the local courts’ allocation plan, Vigo Superior Court 2 handles family law cases including custody, visitation and child support petitions and 60% of all divorce actions filed in the County. The Court’s docket also covers other civil matters including guardianships, grandparent’s rights, estates and 100% of all mental health cases filed in the County.

In 2007, having served as Terre Haute City Court Judge where he worked with Hamilton Center in administering the Court’s mental health diversion program, Dailey received the Patients’ Rights And Advocacy Award from Mental Health America of Vigo County. Dailey stated in a news release, “I have been blessed and fortunate over my career to have been able to help clients and their families with their legal concerns and challenges as well as serve as a Guardian Ad Litem—a child advocate and as a Judge Pro Tem in the absence of a number of local Judges and Juvenile Court Magistrates.”

Dailey stated he believes “an effective judge is one who is knowledgeable, experienced and impartial—patient, steady and calm—firm and compassionate—and one who is courteous to litigants, jurors, witnesses, lawyers, law enforcement, mental health professionals and others with whom a judge deals.” He stated, “if elected, I am confident that I will bring with me those attributes necessary to be effective as Judge of Vigo Superior Court, Division 2 and I will work hard to ensure that cases and controversies coming before the Court are handled expeditiously, fairly and impartially.”

Dailey, his wife Katie, an educator, and their three (3) children—Daniel, Jack and Claire reside in Terre Haute.
More information is available on the Dailey For Judge Facebook page.